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Pool Shapes for Small Backyards

Just because you have a small backyard, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have your own swimming pool there. You and your designer/installer just need to be cleverer about what shape you choose to make the most out of the room available without overwhelming the whole space.

You also need to have a good idea about the things you and your family will want to do in your pool, because you’re unlikely to have the luxury of a multifunctional pool that will be good for exercise, good for relaxation, and good for socializing.

In this article, the swimming pool design experts at Pulliam Pools are looking at some designs you might want to consider when thinking about pool shapes for a small backyard.

Freeform pools

One of the great things about freeform pools – and the clue is in the name! – is that they can pretty much be whatever size or shape you want or need them to be. That means that our skilled designers can create the pool that best suits not only what you want from it, but also the shape that best blends in with your backyard and whatever else you have there. 

Free form swimming pool - Pulliam Pools

Cocktail pools

Cocktail pools – and again you can get a hint of the purpose from the name – are designed to be places where you can totally indulge yourself. They are the perfect choice if your main aim is going to be kicking back on a hot day, after work, or with one or two friends with a nice drink – whether it is actually a cocktail or maybe a cold beer or a glass of red wine. They don’t have room to actually do much in the way of swimming – but that’s okay, because you’ve already decided on your priorities, so that should be a sacrifice you’re ready to make.

Cocktail Pool - Pulliam Pools

Lap pools

On the other hand, if your top priority is doing the exercise and – for some inexplicable reason – you’re not so bothered about enjoying yourself, then a lap pool could well be the answer. Designed essentially as a long, thin rectangle, it’s the ideal shape for you to do length after length – and we’ve discussed in this previous blog how swimming is a great way of getting and staying fit. 

Lap pool - Pulliam Pools

Kidney-shaped pools

We’ve already discussed how freeform pools allow you the freedom to design your pool around the space you have available. There’s one common type that falls into that category, but which deserves its own section within this article, and that’s kidney-shaped pools. They’re the perfect shape for a small backyard because they are very compact while still allowing space for you and your family to spend time together, as well as lending themselves to having extra features added. They go well with outdoor living options, whether that be an arbor, a cabana, or a poolside fire pit. 

Kidney shaped pool - Pulliam Pools

Here at Pulliam Pools, we can bring over 100 years of experience and knowledge in designing and constructing high-quality swimming pools to help transform your backyard, no matter how big – or small – it is. Our pools and client services have won numerous top awards, and we’ve been in the Pool and Spa News Top 50 Pool Builders for 20 consecutive years – no other pool company has enjoyed an equivalent run of success or recognition!

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