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Frequently asked questions


How do I contact you?

Our contact page contains full details, but you can easily contact us by telephone, by email or by filling in our online form.

When should I close and open my pool?

It’s time to close your pool for the winter when temperatures dip and stay below 65°. You can safely open up again when temperatures reach and stay above 70° (usually in March or April).

What areas do you cover?

We work across a large area that covers Fort Worth, Weatherford, Aledo, Southlake, Colleyville, Keller, North Richland Hills, Burleson, and beyond. Click here to discover more or contact us for more information and advice.

Do you sell parts and chemicals to the public?

Pulliam Pools does not sell parts or chemicals to the public.


How often does my filter need to be backwashed?

You should be backwashing your filter once every four to six weeks, although it should also be done when its pressure rises about 10lbs above its normal level. Backwashing is included as part of our pool maintenance service.

Your filter also needs to be completely disassembled, checked and cleaned twice a year to allow efficient filtration – this can be booked in through our Client Support program but will incur an extra charge.

What pressure should my filter operate at?

Every pool works differently, so there is no single answer – the start-up instructions issued with your new pool should give you all the information you need, including the correct pressure for your filter.

How often do I need to test the water chemistry?

This should really be a weekly task to ensure the right balance is maintained, but it can be reduced to once a fortnight when the water temperature dips below 60 degrees.

Are you a Jandy warranty retailer?

Yes, if you are a current maintenance customer or if you have had a Pulliam pool that still under the equipment warranty.

My pump is leaking, help!

If your pump is leaking please contact our service department as soon as possible by filling out our service request form.

I am interested in weekly maintenance. What are your rates?

Our weekly maintenance start at $185 plus tax a month. They will vary, depending on the size of your pool. We offer free quotes within 24-48 business hours. To learn more please click here.

Why isn’t my vacuuming working? (Or my vacuum isn’t running, goes in circles or my pool is still dirty after running)

There are multiple reasons this could be happening. The first step is to check that your booster pump running. If it is not running, you will need to schedule for a technician to come out.

Should my equipment be running 24/7?

No – Your equipment should typically run 8-12 hours depending on your pump system.

My pool walls and floor don’t look as nice as they used to, why? (The plaster/tile looks dingy)

We recommend scheduling a consultation, but it sounds like your pool may need an acid wash or possibly a replaster. If you would like to schedule a consultation please fill out our remodeling contact form.

What type of pool repairs do you offer? (Are you a full service repair shop or just maintenance?)

Pulliam offers both full service repair on equipment as well as full maintenance on your pools. If you need assistance please start by filling out our service request form.

How often should I get my filter cleaned?

We recommend a filter clean at least two times a year. Every pool is different though, your pool may require more.

New Pools

Do I have to get a permit?

Yes, and it will need to be regularly renewed, usually once or twice a year – check your permit for details. Your local authority will let you know what information you need to provide, and your local water authority will also need to approve your plans. Your pool will also need to comply with the International Building, International Plumbing and National Electric codes.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We work with a number of accredited finance companies that can help with the costs of building a new pool. Click here to find out more.

Will my new pool be covered by a warranty?

Yes – with such a significant investment, you should always ensure that you get a written warranty. Don’t be afraid to ask about it from the outset, and once your new pool has been completed, make sure you get it serviced regularly in order to maintain your warranty.

What is the cost of a new swimming pool?

With so many types and sizes of pools available, and with every location and backyard having its own issues that could affect the build, one general ballpark figure is unhelpful. For a bespoke pool, the cost could be anywhere between $60,000 and $1 million.


What should I do if my pool is losing water?

You’ll always lose some water during the swimming season, as a result of splashing, evaporation (the hotter it is, the more you’ll lose) and running certain water features.

However, if you are losing more than usual, you should check your equipment and plumbing for signs of a leak, see if there are any cracks inside your pool and check the water bypassing valve on the backwash line. 

If you cannot see any obvious causes for your leak, please contact our Service team to book in a visit.

Why might I be getting air bubbles in my pool?

If the water level is too low, the system can draw air in and eventually expel it into the water, causing bubbles to appear. 

If the water is at the right level, your skimmer doors may not be getting pulled into the water – if this is the case, remove any debris that might have accumulated in the pump lid and try again.

If you are still getting air bubbles, then you’ll need to submit a service request form.

My pool is not circulating

This could be because:

  • The circuit breaker has tripped and has to be reset
  • The pump is not priming (see our FAQ on this above)
  • The run schedule has been changed

A new motor capacitor or motor is required, in which case you should submit a service request form

The main pump is not priming properly

This is usually going to be as a result of an issue with the pump lid. Turn the system off, remove the lid and empty the strainer basket. Then check and lubricate the lid’s O-ring and pour about five gallons of water into the strainer pot. Once this has been done, replace the lid and turn the system back on. Allow the pump to self-prime for about 10 or 15 minutes. If it’s still not working as it should – and the water in the pool is above the skimmers – then you should complete a service request form.

My pool light has stopped working

Electrics associated with swimming pools should be fitted with circuit breakers and/or GFCI plugs that trip to the off position if they detect a problem. Try to reset, but if it won’t, or the system keeps tripping again afterwards, we’d recommend submitting a service request form to log the issue with us.

How do I Winterize my Equipment?

You can find all of our winterizing guides to help you by visiting our Winterizing page.

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