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How Often Should I Clean My Swimming Pool Filter?

If you want to enjoy your pool at its best, it’s important that you have a good quality filter fitted to remove the dirt and debris that will inevitably find its way into the water.

But a swimming pool filter isn’t just an important tool for keeping the water looking clean and fresh, it’s also essential for removing smaller contaminants, such as bacteria, algae and other microorganisms that could prove dangerous to your health if they were allowed to remain and grow.

At Pulliam Pools, we’re commonly asked by pool owners how often these filters need to be cleaned to keep them working effectively. This article will help to answer this question, together with some other issues surrounding the types of filters available and the best way to have them cleaned.

Types of swimming pool filters

There are three common types of swimming pool filters:

  • Cartridge filters – these are generally only used on small pools that have been installed above ground. They are cheaper than the other types, need more regular cleaning and are not always as good at removing the really small particles that can get into the water as their counterparts.
  • Sand filters – probably the most common type of pool filter. They are easy to clean and are usually capable of filtering out considerably smaller particles than the cartridge filters can manage. That can be contaminants as small as 0.01mm in size.
  • D.E. filters – Diatomaceous earth filters are the most efficient of all, and use microscopic fossilized shells that can filter organisms as small as 0.003 to 0.005mm in size. They are more expensive than using sand, more time-consuming to manage and also need topping up fairly regularly. 

Talk to your swimming pool expert at Pulliam Pools for reliable and professional advice on the best type of filter for your swimming pool.

When to clean a pool filter

Generally, you should be looking to clean your filter every month, with an annual deep clean also recommended. That could be more or less often depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of the filter – it follows that a small filter will need cleaning more often than a large one.
  • The time of year – you’ll need to clean your filter much more regularly during the swimming season than when it’s been closed down for the winter months.
  • The location of your pool – pools located under trees or that are otherwise more exposed to likely contaminants will need their filters cleaned more frequently.
  • How often it’s used – if there are a number of people in and out of your pool most days, then its filter will require more regular cleaning than if you just do a few laps two or three days a week to stay in shape.

In addition to the above, you also need to think about getting your filter cleaned when its pressure gauge reaches 10 psi higher than its standard reading when you know the water is clean. You should also try to be aware of the general quality of your water, so that you can identify when it’s cloudier and less clear than it should be. 

Ask the experts at Pulliam Pools for the best advice on how often the filter in your pool will need to be cleaned.

Cleaning tips for your swimming pool filter

The different types of filter require different methods of cleaning, but there are a few things worth bearing in mind before you get started:

  • Don’t forget to turn the pump off before you start!
  • Both sand and D.E. filters are cleaned by backwashing. You’ll need to add new Diatomaceous earth afterwards, however, and in both cases it’s advisable to rinse the filter through afterwards.
  • Clean your filter gently so that you don’t damage it – using a power washer on it is likely to cause it serious damage.

Of course, the best way to get your filters cleaned properly and regularly is to engage the experts at Pulliam Pools – we work with clients in and around Fort Worth, Weatherford, and Arlington. Our extensive servicing and maintenance provision includes managing all aspects of looking after your filter so that you’ll always have a clean pool that’s enjoyable and safe to swim in.

Get in touch with us to book a visit today.

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