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Choosing the Right Steps for Your Inground Pool

Unless you’re happy for everyone using your new swimming pool to just dive straight in and haul themselves out onto the deck afterward, chances are you’ll need some steps to make getting in and out of the water a bit easier. Meanwhile, well-designed pool steps can also help make your pool both look more stylish and become a nicer place to spend time.

But what type of pool steps should you get? You might think that this should be one of the more straightforward decisions that you need to make, but once you start digging into the subject, you may be surprised to discover just how many different options there are!

This month, we’re taking a look at some of the different pool step ideas available to help you choose the right steps for your own inground pool.

Choosing the Right Steps for Your Inground Pool – Infographic

Choosing the Right Steps for Your Inground Pool - Infographic - Pulliam Pools

If you would like to download our helpful infographic please do so here. For more information about the various step designs, please continue reading.

Standard straight steps

Usually built into one corner of the pool to allow for maximum swimming space, these are a good choice for simple rectangular or geometric pools that will be used mainly for swimming rather than for kids’ parties or socializing. That doesn’t mean that they can’t look good as well, but generally, these steps are practical rather than eye-catching.

Swimming pool with standard straight steps - Pulliam Pools

Round corner steps

Very much like the standard straight steps described above, but with a curved design for a little more style. These types of steps are a good choice to go with a freeform pool, as the curve of the steps can be designed to match the free-flowing design of the pool itself.

Swimming pool with round corner steps - Pulliam Pools

Ledge steps

Ledge steps don’t just make getting in and out of the pool nice and easy, they also give you somewhere to lie back and relax in the water – perhaps with a nice cold drink – without having to worry about staying afloat at the same time! This can be a very stylish choice that can be made to work with any type of pool design – although the bigger the pool the better if you still want to be able to enjoy actually swimming and splashing about as well.

Swimming pool with ledge steps - Pulliam Pools

Ladder steps

The cheapest option, and the one that is probably most commonly seen in commercial swimming pools, this is simply a stainless steel ladder attached to the side of the pool. That makes it a practical and affordable choice rather than one likely to win any design awards, but if all you want to do is get in, swim, and get out again, then why not? 

Swimming pool with ladder steps - Pulliam Pools

Roman steps

One of the classier styles of pool step designs, although perhaps not as popular as they were a few years ago. Roman steps are made up of usually curved steps that get wider as you descend into the water. They are traditionally built outside the body of the main pool, which means they don’t take up any of your valuable swimming space.

Swimming pool with Roman steps - Pulliam Pools

Steps across the entire width

These steps undoubtedly look great, but do take up more of the pool than the other options. If you’re planning on your pool being more of a fun or social space than a means of getting exercise, however, they allow for more people to enter and exit the water at the same time than other pool step designs.

Swimming pool with steps across the entire width - Pulliam Pools

Customized steps

With our design experts, you always have the option of having your own personalized inground pool steps designed to your own taste to match your pool or to blend in and complement the surrounding area. That means that the only limit is your imagination! If you want to go a little different with your pool steps when planning your new pool, just talk to your designer and you might be surprised what we can do for you!

Swimming pool with customized steps - Pulliam Pools


Here at Pulliam Pools, we are creative pool designers – including individually styled pool steps – and outdoor living experts who have been transforming backyards across Fort Worth, Weatherford, Arlington, and beyond for over 100 years. You won’t find better or more reliable pool builders in the area, so why not get in touch with us today to find out more? 

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