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A Look at Winter Pool Maintenance

Winter Pool Maintenance Tips Ft. Worth, Burleson, Keller, & Surrounding Areas

winter pool maintenance

Most pool owners think that pool maintenance is well worth the time and money—especially when taking the pleasures of pool ownership into account. Being unable to use your swimming pool for several months, however, can make the time and effort required to winterize your pool a bit of a drag. Look on the bright side—the work you put into maintaining your pool now will save you money, time, and considerable hassle come spring. Here’s a look at maintenance measures that will prepare your pool for winter hibernation:

Clearing Out Pipelines and Filter

To avoid freeze damage from affecting your pool’s plumbing, it is important to clear water from the pipelines. Using a leaf blower or shop vacuum, you can blow water out of your pipes. For further protection against freeze damage, blow antifreeze into the pipelines using a PVC blowstick.

Lowering Water Level

Most pool owners should also drain a few inches of water from their pools in preparation for winter. The gap between your pool’s water level and the pool cover should be as specified in the cover’s manual.

Skimming and Brushing

You want your pool to be as clean as possible before you cover it for winter. Thoroughly skim the surface and scrub the pool walls using a long-handled brush before you put on the cover.

One Last Shock Treatment

A chlorinated shock treatment should be one of the last maintenance measures you take before covering your pool for winter. This should help keep your pool clean and ward off algae growth for the four to six months that it will be covered.

Covering for Winter

Only once you have carried out the aforementioned maintenance measures can you cover your pool for the winter. Take care when you do this, as if you were tucking your pool into bed for a long sleep.

If you would like to have a pool built in time for summer, Pulliam Pools can help. With nearly a century of pool-building experience, we have helped hundreds of families in the Fort Worth area construct their dream pools. To learn more about what sets us apart from the competition, explore our website or give us a call.

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