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Parker County: 817–613–1910

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Pulliam Pools Ft. Worth


America’s Oldest Pool Builder


Nearly a hundred years ago, there was no such thing as a swimming pool building company. For that matter, there was no such thing as a swimming pool in all of Coryell County, Texas! So in 1916 when the first one was conceived, it was a logical decision to turn to local cement contractor, Theo Pulliam who had extensive experience building waterproof dipping vats for cattle. Theo quickly added swimming pool construction to his company’s services and Pulliam Pools has been making history ever since.

Theo Pulliam’s son and heir to the company Doren Pulliam fondly remembered carrying drinking water to his Dad’s laborers as they built the Gatesville Public Park pool in 1925. From there, Doren could boast of many “firsts” of his own as he used experiences gleaned from a background in the U.S. Navy Construction Battalion to become an innovator of modern pool construction and technological advancement. Purchasing the first gunite rig in Tarrant County in 1948, he proudly pioneered many of the engineering and structural design standards still in use today.

Having literally grown up in the pool industry, third generation owner Barry Pulliam took over Pulliam Pools in 1985. Carrying on the family tradition of innovation and experimentation, Barry promptly quadrupled company sales in his first year! To continue leading the industry in technology and trends, in 1988 he accepted an invitation to join Aquatech, a prestigious organization of pool builders renowned for integrity and dedication to craftsmanship.

…And Now

After a renowned career at the helm of America’s Oldest Pool Company, in 2009 Barry Pulliam handed over the reins to two company team members of such long-standing service that they truly felt like family. Debra Smith, at the time an 18-year employee, and Mike Clark, an employee for then 24 years, purchased Pulliam Pools with the intent of keeping the family’s legacy of innovation and creativity alive. Serving as President and Vice-President respectively, Debra and Mike, known pool industry experts in their own right, continue to value the wisdom and expertise of Barry Pulliam who still graciously contributes as a company consultant.

Today, Pulliam Pools acknowledges an unwavering dedication to the finest craftsmanship and a passion for ingenuity as foundations of its extraordinary longevity. Through a commitment to providing each customer a pool of exquisite beauty, unparalleled quality, and intuitive functionality, the company has received many honors. We’re proud to be nationally recognized as one of Pool and Spa News Top 50 Pool Builders for 20 consecutive years; the only pool company that has achieved that distinction. Pulliam Pools promises to consistently serve its community for years and years to come.