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Pool Construction Process

The pool construction process can be daunting if you don’t know what to expect. At Pulliam Pools, we keep you informed through every step while personally ensuring that each phase is completed to the high standards you deserve.

Permit & Inspections


After signing the contract, Pulliam Pools will apply for a building permit. The permit process currently takes 3-5 weeks, longer if a utility reroute is needed. During this time, utility lines are flagged.
Inspections depend on the city and take place at different times during the process. Typically, the first inspection occurs after the steel and plumbing have been completed. Final inspections vary in each city, items checked are electrical work, door alarms, gate closures, or fencing.



The excavation crew will grade your yard, set form
boards and dig your pool. The excavation can be done with a variety of machines depending upon your access. This process should take one day, unless rock conditions or bad weather exists.



The plumbing lines are installed and the equipment is set. All drain lines are split suctioned and the skimmers have individual valves at the equipment. The plumbing lines are trenched and buried.



After the pool is dug, the steel company will install steel reinforcement (rebar) to give strength and support to the gunite shell. An inspection is then performed by your city inspector to ascertain that the job meets city requirements.



Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand, and water applied through a pressure hose, producing a dense hard layer of concrete on the steel to form the concrete shell of the pool.

Gunite Shell

gunite shell

Beginning the next day, you should wet down the gunite shell two (2) times per day for ten (10) days to facilitate the curing process. It is common for water to accumulate in the bottom of the pool.

Tile and Coping

tile and coping

Typically installed 3-4 days after gunite, the tile and coping crew will install your tile, coping, and trim or spot tile selections.



Electricians will set the circuit breakers; wire in pool equipment and lights; and mount the light switches. If
an Aqualink controller or salt generation system is installed, they also mount the control panel(s).

Deck Formation

deck formation

Typically within a week to 10 days from tile and coping, the deck is set with form boards, steel and sand, which may be delivered to the job site the day before. Every city requires an inspection at this time. Once approved, the deck crew will bring concrete and pour the deck.

Deck Completion

deck completion

There are several choices for decking. If it is concrete only, it will be a two step process. Once poured, it will be cleaned with a mixture of muriatic acid and water when the pool is complete.

If a Sundek finish is applied, it will be applied approximately two weeks after the deck concrete is poured to allow for the concrete to cure. If a patterned deck is selected, a sealant will be applied at a later date if selected by the homeowner. Regardless of deck choice, the Styrofoam strip between the coping and deck will be removed during this process.and replace it with a liquid caulk. The clean-up crew will pick up all trash, haul it away and grade the yard.



Plaster is the internal finish of the pool. Traditional
white plaster is a combination of plaster and marble dust. Plaster Alternatives include Wet Edge (with natural quartz aggregates) in a variety of colors.

The day before plaster,we will pump any water out of the pool, remove debris, and scrape the sides of the pool. The plaster is sprayed and hand trowel for a smooth finish. The pool is then filled with water; if there is a spa, it will be filled first.

Start Up

start up

A Pulliam Pools service technician will chemically treat the pool, start up the equipment, and give instructions. According to the instructions your service technician has given you, you will then need to brush the plaster. The automatic cleaner will arrive within a few days and if if there is a diving board it will be set at a later date.