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Pulliam Pools – Our History, Then & Now


Ft. Worth Pool Builder’s Experience & Legacy

Pulliam Pools is the continuation of a family construction business founded in 1916 by brothers Theodore Cresswell Pulliam and Frank L. “Pop” Pulliam. Doren Pulliam’s office in the service and supply store was located for over 55 years at 2221 8th Avenue.

In 1991, Barry Pulliam moved the office to 2725 Altamesa Blvd., where we have a memorabilia cabinet displaying our pool building history.

Barry Pulliam-v2

D. Barry Pulliam 1949 –

In 1984, Barry Pulliam purchased the company from his father, growing it from 50 pools a year to 100 in his first 12 months as owner. At the economy’s peak in 2001, Pulliam built 626 pools.

To ensure the company’s future success and continuation of customer warranties, Barry carefully designed a retirement/succession plan. In 2009, Barry sold the nearly century old firm to two of his employees. Vice President/ General Manager Debra Smith and Sales Manager Mike Clark felt honored to assist Barry with his succession plan. “I know it would have been ideal to advance the family business to a fourth Pulliam generation,” Pulliam said. “But while not biologically related, both Debra and Mike are family, too. They have been a critical part of the success of this business and I am delighted that they will continue my family’s legacy.”

Pulliam-Smith-ClarkDebra Smith & Mike Clark